NextGen Builders seeks to help children and young people build character and maximise their leadership potential.

We do so by supporting strategic community projects in multiple locations in Asia, working closely with local partners and helping other like-minded organisations scale up.

Character Education

NextGen Builders works closely with local partners to roll out character education programmes for students and young adults. Leveraging the best of academic research and practical, contextualized field experience, our content encompasses both Moral Character traits like patience, kindness, etc and also Performance Character attributes like grit, zeal and curiosity.

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Leadership Communities

We invest heavily in Train-the-Training workshops for local leaders, and provide long-term, follow-up support as they work with under-served communities. These local community leaders learn through regular regional conferences and self-organized service-learning trips to even less privileged areas - testament to the strength of the "giving back" ethos we have emphasized over the years.

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Toolkit Development

It takes a village to change the odds for underprivileged children and youth, and to shift mindsets in communities. So at NextGen Builders, we partner with local organizations, with a focus on helping the whole local eco-system become stronger. We do so by co-creating local language teaching materials and localized content that our partners - and their partners - can plug and play.

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How we have helped

Community workers man-days supported
Clothes for the underprivileged (kg)
Short-term support trips organized

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