NextGen Builders seeks to help children and young people maximise their potential.

We do so by supporting community transformation projects in multiple locations in Asia, working closely with local partners and helping other like-minded organisations scale up.

Inspiring Hope

At NextGen Builders, we seek to inspire people to take action to build stronger communities, stronger families, and more resilient selves. We do so by Sharing Stories. These stories come in the form of...

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Building Lives

We are keenly aware that the only way to reliably and sustainably Build Lives is "life on life, impacting lives". There is simply no short-cut. So we invest a lot in Train-the Trainer...

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Building Tools

It takes a village to change the odds for underprivileged children and youth. So at NextGen Builders, we partner with local organizations, with a focus on helping the whole local eco-system become...

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How we have helped

Community workers man-days supported
Clothes for the underprivileged (kg)
Short-term support trips organized

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