NextGen Builders was born out of a desire to see children and young people in developing countries reach their full potential and in turn be a blessing to their communities.  It was registered in Hong Kong in April 2014 but has its roots in a rural village in China, where one of its founders went for a community service trip 10+ years prior.

There, we saw widespread systemic poverty, as is present in many parts of the developing world.  This is not just in the financial sense but also motivationally and relationally.


Today, NextGen Builders works with parents, local communities and other sponsors to give the children and young people in those local communities access to basic education as well as a support network and opportunities that they may succeed in life and in turn help lift their communities.

In the course of NextGen Builders’ work in developing communities, we  also realized that the children, young people and their parents in affluent communities, face their own set of challenges.  We may be materially comfortable but the fast pace of life and stresses of city living have robbed many of family life as it is meant to be enjoyed.  Perhaps, some of us have also lost our empathy and concern for the less fortunate in our midst.

In time, we hope that this website will be a good resource for urban families and communities seeking to strengthen themselves and to connect with volunteering opportunities where they can make a meaningful difference.

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