Our directors bring to the table a diverse set of skills and special interests:

Esther Chwei is a well respected and award-winning equity research analyst, and her strong analytical skills and numbers-focused background have been instrumental in helping NextGen Builders set up its financial and operating framework.  Esther’s insights are invaluable when reviewing grant requests from local communities as she also has a special interest in helping the underprivileged and destitute.

Magdalene Loh is a lawyer by training and brings to NextGen Builders a strong corporate governance focus.  She co-founded an ed-tech start-up and is passionately motivated in building sustainable frameworks to help children and young people in both affluent and developing areas reach their full potential.  Magdalene also acts as a bridge to partnership opportunities in her native Singapore.

Joyce Lok has extensive experience running community based leadership training programmes in China.  With her deep knowledge of the community development sphere and her wide network of fellow trainers, Joyce is well placed to help NextGen Builders execute better in our projects within developing local communities.  Joyce also works directly with our local partners on leadership development and strategic master planning initiatives.

Ivy Tam is a certified financial planner by day and a much-valued idea generator within NextGen Builders.  Her ability to think out of the box and her strong networks within the Hong Kong financial and non-profit sectors have opened many interesting doors for the organization.  Ivy is also administratively very strong and contributes much toward operations structuring and event planning.