To see children and young people reach their full potential and in turn give back to their local communities in meaningful ways.


To Send, Go and Pray till the vision becomes reality in each local community we serve.

We believe

  • parents have the primary responsibility to raise healthy, well-adjusted and socially responsible children, and we seek to assist parents in carrying out this very critical role
  • local communities which have good support networks and ample opportunities for children and young people are important, so we seek to empower local communities to better connect with and support their children  and young people
  • the world is an increasingly interconnected place and there may be some skill sets or opportunities still unavailable in local communities that could benefit from them, so we seek to bridge these needs by bringing in specialist resources into communities for that extra boost.


We go about our work by:


Why this work is critically important:

Children and young people are the hope of the world, the face of our tomorrow.  If we don’t win their hearts today, they will break ours tomorrow.  And our world will never look the same again.

The world is at its most affluent as a whole and still, stark and growing inequalities exist.  Some of the poor find it hard or even practically impossible to break out of the poverty cycle.  Many have not fully understood how education can change their lives.  In some cases, even those who are academically talented may not be able to overcome the prevalent social and economic barriers in their way.  Bullying of village children in town schools is not uncommon.  Injustice is real.

The social support frameworks we take for granted in the developed world are simply absent in many parts of the developing communities we work in.  The inherent worth of a person may not be recognized in many places.  Counseling, even for post-traumatic events, is virtually unheard of.  Depression is often mis-diagnosed or left untreated.  Many cultures are still top-down with a large power distance between elders and juniors, so many children and young people can feel alienated in their own communities – for having dreams and aspirations which would be respected and affirmed anywhere else in the developed world.  If we don’t step in now to help, a generation or more may never know the love and opportunities we consider basic in our own lives.

Throughout the world, the traditional family structure is under threat.  Divorce rates in some cities we work in are as high as 50%.  Dual-income families mean grandparents, domestic help or schools take over parenting duties they may be ill-equipped to assume.  In many areas, moral values and positive social norms are in danger of being permanently eroded.

Success is within reach if we start today.  Because of the economic inequalities, it is relatively affordable to reach out to help.  Because we have had the privilege of serving with some of our local partners for the last 10+ years, we have many doors open to start new projects that could make a meaningful difference.  And we can start on these new projects more quickly with your support!

There are no quick fixes or easy solutions.  But it is worth investing in building up local communities and working with them to entrench a long term locally-sustained ecosystem that will bring out the best in children and young people in those communities.

We can be part of the better world we want to see.  A world that holds hope for those born in less privileged communities.  A world where we ourselves are not just cogs in an economic machine that we have benefitted from.  A world we leave a legacy in, where a generation of children and young people live out their potential and transform their communities – because we have walked with them in their formative years.

Check out Our Work at a Glance to find out how your support has already made a difference to many precious lives.