“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”

Our involvement in the communities we serve vary according to need.  But in all places, we work with key local leaders, teaching them everything we know about leadership development, master-planning, children and youth development, as well as building sustainable change in their communities.

By Training-the-Trainers, we seek to have maximum impact over a wider geographical area that we could do ourselves.

This model is often used in workplaces and community organisations as it trains leaders to effectively instruct, coach, assess and develop suitable training programmes for the people. This model ensures that the leaders are equipped with the required knowledge and skills to deliver the training to the communities.

Besides workshops, local community leaders learn through regular regional conferences and self-organised service-learning trips to even less privileged areas- testament to the strength of the “giving back” ethos we have emphasized over the years. These conferences and trips allow the sharing of best practices among the different leaders. The leaders would also have a better understanding of how to appeal to a diverse community.

Here is some of the work we do, in photos:

Community elders going through systematic training to become more effective leaders. The local leaders we work with include those we have served with over the past decade.


Support of local communities include financial support for key community workers as well as in-kind support for underprivileged villages


We focus not just on teaching skill-sets and techniques, but more importantly, on developing character and conviction in the local leaders we work with

Through this approach, the local leaders we work with form close ties with each other, and become a support network that furthers the work in their region beyond what we could do on our own.