At NextGen Builders, we are often reminded that the only way to reliably and sustainably Build Lives is “life on life, impacting lives”.  There is simply no short-cut.

So we invest a lot in Train-the-Trainer sessions for our local partners.  We leverage technology to do regular mentoring with each key local leader we work with.

Going deep into lives – it’s not just about head knowledge, but having a heart-transformation that will lead to lasting change in communities.

And as we speak into the lives of these community leaders, we are privileged to see the impact they are in turn making in their local communities.

Raising a generation of young leaders though regular lessons and workshops

And just as we have seen children in the local communities we serve grow up, and in turn serve as teachers for the children classes, our own volunteers from Hong Kong and Singapore have grown too.  Like Jason who first started volunteering with us when he was a student. He has made over 10 trips to the same county in Yunnan, and the excited father-to-be is looking forward to bringing his first-born there soon!

Jason, with his expectant wife Herlina

When we have such a great group of volunteers, we continue to Fuel the Fire, by providing regular updates, organising short-term trips for greater engagement and celebrating life events together.


How NextGen Builders is working on:

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