At NextGen Builders, we understand that we cannot change the odds for underprivileged children and youth on our own.

So we partner with local organisations, with a focus on helping the whole local ecosystem become more effective in delivering services to the beneficiaries.  We call this Eco-system Equipping.  Often, this entails building practical frameworks and implementation toolkits, which we share with our partners via bespoke training sessions.

Community leaders learning how to systematically upskill their organisations.  This group of key leaders oversees thousands of volunteers.

NextGen Builders is also working with other partners on a Good Gifter project, where we will avail a part of our e-commerce store to promote artisan craft items from like-minded charities, local communities we work with as well as local designers.  We hope to do our part in enabling fund-raising for worthy causes through this Good Gifter project.

You can check out the Good Gifter Facebook page here.


How NextGen Builders works towards:

Inspiring Hope

Building Lives