At NextGen Builders, we seek to inspire people to take action to build stronger communities, stronger families, more resilient selves.

We do so by Sharing Stories.  These stories can come in the form of bite-sized snapshots.  Like this one featuring a drug-ravaged family.

Or this one on how a US logistics company worked with a Singaporean family to send literally half a ton of much-needed supplies to rural China.

A Wa tribe community leader receives the donated supplies from a member of the NextGen team

We also enjoy sharing sessions with our supporters, where we can give more detailed updates on the communities we serve.

With awareness and an inspirational call to action, comes participation.  NextGen Builders has been privileged to be Connecting Communities.

The on-ground partners we support see possibilities for their communities through our training programmes.  They go back to their towns and villages to share the inspirational stories they hear – that it is possible to get out of the poverty cycle, spiritually, financially, relationally and motivationally.

Many of them stay in touch with their trainers and the short-term teams that visit.  The exchange of ideas, encouragement and financial support lead to more great work done in the developing areas.

Jingen from the Miao tribe is an advocate for young people to finish their education

In the other hand, many of the short-term trippers find renewed purpose in their own lives, and, a good number of them continue to grow and serve with NextGen Builders over the years.


How NextGen Builders works towards:

Building Lives

Building Tools