NextGen Builders’ projects all revolve around our themes of Inspiring Hope, Building Lives and Building Tools.

Here are some key projects we have.

Project 1: PROCLAIM!


Working with community elders and leaders on children and youth initiatives

Project objective:

To empower people who have the potential to develop children and youth initiatives in their communities by supporting them financially and giving them the appropriate support and training.


NextGen Builders is dedicated to enabling the healthy development of children and youth within the communities we work in.  We recognize that motivated and well-equipped local community leaders are a critical success factor, and one of our key focus is to support and train them.

There are 2 prongs to our strategy: supporting community leaders financially so they can focus of their children and youth work on a full-time basis, and also providing mentoring and training opportunities for them so they are able to maximize their impact in their communities.

Key plans in 2017:

  • Financially support up to 15 full-time community leaders whose primary focus is children and youth work within their respective communities
  • Provide 1-to-1 mentoring to all the community leaders covered by this project on a monthly or more frequent basis, and work with them to develop a 5-year plan for their respective communities
  • Provide at least 3 training courses for the community leaders to enhance their personal leadership abilities and their expertise in developing children and youth
  • Support selected initiatives of these community leaders through organizing short term trips to their communities and providing project funds as well as expertise.


Training session with community volunteers


Project 2: The Bo Le Initiative


Scholarship presentation to students from rural villages

Project objective: To help teenage students in rural communities remain in school,  do well academically and develop enhanced social confidence.


NextGen Builders is dedicated to enabling the healthy development of children and youth within the communities we work in.  This includes helping teenage students complete their basic education.

This is done by way of a scholarship programme for the students, as well as through helping their parents see the importance of education.  The students in this programme are also invited to take part in enrichment activities which enhance their personal development, and give them a headstart in the world outside of their rural communities.

In 2017, we will work with our local partners to

  • Provide at least 20 scholarships
  • Have a dedicated local worker to follow up with the progress of these 20 students and further identify needs and solutions
  • Organize at least 1 parent-student-volunteers session per location per calendar year
  • Organize enrichment activities to help the students.  In particular, we are planning various workshops on performance character.


Ways you can help with this:

  • give towards the cost of the scholarships and enrichment programmes
  • join our short term trips to run enrichment programmes
  • develop workshop curriculum (if you are an educator)


Project 3: Aqueduct


Reaching underprivileged urban youth

Project objective:

To develop this website into a platform which can be a good resource base for parents, local communities and potential volunteers to contribute to helping children and young people reach their potential.


NextGen Builders is dedicated to enabling the healthy development of children and youth within the communities we work in.  Charity starts at home, so we will be reaching out to communities within Hong Kong and Singapore to share more about this.  We will also be sharing ways to help a child or young person grow up healthy, safe and as a high impact contributor to our world in time to come.  Phase 2 of this project will see us offering content in languages other than English, so the other communities we work with can also benefit.

In December 2017, we will launch our first downloadable e-books and resources.


Practical ways your contributions have already made a difference:


Shi Ying stayed in high school with the help of financial aid from NextGen Builders’ sponsors. Today, she is thriving in university – with her sponsored pre-loved laptop.



Every week, local communities gather their children and young people in small groups to impart love and life skills.  These groups didn’t previously exist.


Volunteers from corporates and SMEs have been equipped to serve their local NGOs.  This photo was taken in a school for underprivileged migrant workers children just outside Beijing.

We look forward to your continued support in making all this possible!