NextGen Builders is able to do all the work we do in large part because of the incredibly talented volunteers who generously offer their time and wide range of skill sets.  These volunteers could be:

  • CEOs of multi-nationals who advise us with their management expertise
  • specialists who design websites, handle our accounts or manage events for us
  • big-hearted individuals who make multiple trips to rural villages to speak into the lives of the hurting or underprivileged.


They come in all shapes and sizes too: our youngest tripper was 8 months old, and the oldest about 60 years old.  Many started their overseas community service journey with NextGen Builders while they were still students or young working adults and have been serving with us since.  In both Singapore and Hong Kong, we have volunteers who have made over 10 trips to the same places – because with each trip, they get to know the local beneficiaries better, and their impact grows.

At NextGen Builders, we believe in the concept of service-learning, where we seek to add value to our volunteers by up-skilling them even as they volunteer with us and the local communities we serve.

Current Volunteer Opportunities

  1. Project Management/ Admin Support

If you can help by providing much-needed project management or admin support, you can help us to scale our work much faster!

You would be:

  • A highly organized individual who likes being part of the team bringing projects to life
  • Able to commit a couple of hours each week (timing is generally flexible).  Alternatively, if you have a block of time (eg. a couple of weeks to months) to help us push through specific projects, that would be tremendously helpful too.


2. Curriculum Writer

We are in the process of developing curriculum and pulling together teaching materials to teach (a) Performance Character; and (b) faith-based growth classes.  What you develop here with our content team will be offered at no cost to all, particularly teachers and trainers in underprivileged communities – so your time and writing makes the biggest impact.

You would be:

  • An educator trained in pedagogy, or a writer
  • Able to work with the content team to align on vision and writing style
  • Able to commit for at least a module – each module is estimated to take 6-8 hours


3. Social Media Outreach Whiz

How do we share the NextGen Builders’ message more clearly to a wider audience?  If your day job or passion is reaching people on social media, and you see the good in what NextGen Builders is doing, we would like to talk to you!

You would be:

  • Proficient in handling social media, particularly Facebook
  • Willing to run or assist in running a campaign over the November/ December pre-Christmas season


If you are interested to find out more about how you can make a difference in the lives of the Next Generation with the above volunteer roles, please contact Magdalene at  We look forward to a fun and meaningful time together with you as you join our family of volunteers!