A survey done in America showed that the best predictor of success in life was the location of one’s birth. At NextGen Builders, we believe in giving capable students and young adults from less privileged locales the opportunity to excel in their chosen fields. And then we encourage them to return to serve their home communities.

Our impact:

1. Hundreds of community workers have been trained in community outreach work.  They then go on to provide practical help, first-stop counselling and access to educational (and sometimes medical) resources to their fellow villagers.  Often, their key contribution is to help raise up more skilled volunteers in their local contexts.  Some of them have helped their communities in such significant ways that they have been formally recognized for their work through election to local leadership positions.

Training at a local community center

2. Close to 100 scholarships have been given out to students from rural areas.  These scholarships help bright but financially underprivileged students stay in school.  Our volunteer teams also organize programmes for these students, teaching critical life skills.  These programmes include relevant pointers from Sean Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens and from Paul Tough’s Performance Character series (focusing on building qualities such as grit, optimism and curiosity).  Students from this scholarship programme, who were once at the highest risk of dropping out of school, typically score above average in key national examinations, with a few making it to the top of their school cohort.

Students learning life skills through a game, supported by our dedicated volunteer team

3. The volunteers who serve with us in these rural communities go through training before they step into the field.  Once there, our experienced facilitators also help them to understand local cultural contexts and work with them to improve on delivery of their prepared services.  We all learn and serve together, in the classic service-learning way.  As a result, a good portion of our volunteers have remained engaged with NextGen Builders through the years.  We are always very encouraged whenever our volunteers share how applying what they had learnt on our trips to their work contexts have helped them excel in their careers.

Master facilitator Wanda has inspired many to really love the children, young people and community leaders we serve

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